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Thank you for your interest in my painting classes and workshops here at TRACY GIZA DESIGN, LLC.


Artsy Science Fall Workshop for Kids!

This is a unique & innovative hands-on approach to learning science allowing children to experiment with various mediums in full color! Promote your child's love of learning AND self-expression at the same time as explore Science, Technology, Engineering & Math concepts with a very ARTFUL twist! Each day your child will create cool projects to take home that incorporate what we learn in a BIG way! K-5 & Middle School 2 hours Mon. – Thurs.

See the calendar below.

Kids Calendar 

Day 1

How are bubbles made? We will be making big, colorful bubbles for our very own bubble art on canvas! Learn about molecules, surface tension and evaporation as we make bigger and longer lasting bubbles! Our colorful bubbles will be the inspiration behind our creative art on canvas panels for you to keep forever!

Day 2

Explore the layers of Earth as we travel from the Earth’s crust to the inner core and all the layers in between. Then we will create a colorful rendition of the Earth’s layers on canvas panels using paint, glitter, glue, and many other textured ingredients giving our art a real 3D look and feel.

Day 3 

Learn about geometric design using shapes of all sizes and colors as you cut and construct a beautiful mosaic creation sculpting variations and combinations of patterns using lines, angles and shapes that we see in our environment.

Day 4 

What’s the difference between goop, slime and putty? In this science focused workshop for all the senses, we will be making the gooiest goop, golden glitter slime and colorful silly putty! Learn about viscosity, chemical reactions, and non-Newtonian fluids as we explore, create and investigate!